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Anniversary Bundle

A Heartfelt Gift

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My Custom Heart - The Perfect Gift

Anniversary Love Bundle

My Custom Heart

Because you should be creating the gift for the person you know best

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"My Custom Heart is Revolutionizing Gift Giving"


Great Anniversary Gift

If you're trying to make your girl happy this is the gift to get her. When my wife saw the heart, her eyes lit up, once she opened the gift I swear her smile went past her ears, and when she opened the LED necklace case, she gave me the most precious look in the world. Thank you My Custom Heart for making my wife the happiest I've seen her in a long time

Craig Jacobs

My Custom Heart is Worth It

I was skeptical of spending the money for an online purchase, but it was worth every penny. EVERYTHING was beautiful, the pictures honestly don't do it justice. 

Max Scheiber

A+ For My Boyfriend

My boyfriend got me a custom heart for our first anniversary together, and from a women's perspective, wow this is the perfect gift for a girl you want to impress. The sapphire necklace he got me is beautiful and the rest of the gifts and heart packaging are great as well.

Emily Scheff

Put a ribbon on my Anniversary

Me and my girlfriend were celebrating our 1st Anniversary together and this gift was an amazing way to end the night. She absolutely loved it.

Daniel Hopkins

Great Customer Service

My order came in with a missing rose. Initially upset since my girlfriend loves flowers more than anything, I contacted My Custom Heart and they sent me the rose through express shipping and on time for my anniversary. Great customer support and the perfect romantic gift.

Vince Coleman

A Romantic Gift

My Custom Heart brought my wife so much joy. I will definitely be buying again.

Andrew Harrison
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