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How to Match Your Partner’s Love Language

Happy and healthy relationships are all about good communication, and that includes the way you communicate your love for one another. If one partner is very physical in showing their love and very vocal about expressing admiration, they might feel uncertain if their partner holds back or isn’t too vocal about saying I love you. This simply could be because they speak a different love language, as everyone expresses love in different ways.

What Does Love Language Mean?

Your love language is all about the way you express your love and connection within a relationship and how you receive the same from your partner. Your love language may even be through gestures rather than spoken words. There are five main types of love language:

  • Words of Affirmation
    This is all about spoken words of love, appreciation, and praise. You may always be complimenting your partner, telling them how proud you are and how much they’re appreciated.
  • Quality Time
    This means putting value on undivided attention. It means quality time spent together without being interrupted. This love language values quality time spent alone with the person you love.
  • Physical Touch
    This is about close physical connection, and it’s about a lot more than in the bedroom. You may crave a handhold, a cuddle in the evening, or hugs throughout the day. Even a supportive touch on the arm can mean the world.
  • Acts of Service
    You may really appreciate it when your partner does the grocery shopping, when they help you out with an errand, or even make you a morning coffee when you’re too tired. Acts of service are all about helping your partner out with a supportive gesture.
  • Receiving Gifts
    This doesn’t have to mean big or expensive gifts. This love language is about a heartfelt gift and gesture with a lot of romantic thought put into it. You may love receiving something from your partner which shows they were thinking of you. Custom gifts with thought behind them show you that they know you.

How to Match Your Partner’s Love Language

Firstly, it’s important to communicate about how you express your love and speak to your partner about their own love language. If they’ve made comments in the past about how they love it when you buy them little gifts, or they appreciate it when you give them compliments, these are indicators of their love language. Being open and talking about it is important.

Once you understand better how they speak the language of love, you can seek to match it. A gift of heart like from our range is perfect for those special occasions if your partner’s language is receiving gifts.

It’s important to remember that you can also speak more than one love language. Your partner might be a mix of two or three equally. A heart gift may go hand-in-hand with quality time spent alone together, or maybe helping them with a project while giving them a firm hug is all they need.