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10 Easy Ways To Rekindle The Romance

Even in the best relationships, keeping the spark alive will fade away. As breakfast in bed becomes a to-do list item and relationships turn into routines, keeping the spark alive should still be at the top of your list. 

But sometimes it's hard—life gets in the way, work gets stressful, errands or kids take precedent. However, there are simple ways that you can show your partner that you're thinking of her, and that will ignite the embers of your relationship.  

Here are ten easy ways to get romantic with your partner: 

1. Leave love notes around the house

    Your partner wants to know you're thinking of them, and putting in easy effort with something like this shows your partner that she is always on your mind. You could place love notes throughout the house in the morning or while your partner is out. That way, she comes back to a surprise. 

    Something as simple as a note on the bathroom mirror can go a long way in a thriving romance. 

    2. Surprise her with her favorite things!

      Maybe your partner has been yearning for pastries from her favorite bakery recently, or your office is close to her favorite restaurant—these are prime opportunities to take the initiative and show her you’re always thinking of her. 

      This simple act of kindness is a timeless romantic gesture. 

      3. Couples who cook together stay together!

        Take inspiration from your relationship and cook a meal together! Cooking is sometimes a stressful activity, especially if your partner typically is the one to cook between the two of you. Take some of the stress off your partner’s plate and do something together that can turn into a fun activity or even a food fight! 

        Spice it up by lighting some candles at the dinner table and breaking out the bubbly! 

        4. Crafts aren’t just for kids

          You know what they say...couples who craft together, stay together! Similar to cooking, coming together and using your creativity to create something new is a great activity to get a good laugh and work towards a common goal. Channeling your creative energy into something for the two of you can ignite conversations, and a paint fight could even break out. 

          5. Revisit the places you both loved

            You don’t need a vacation to get away. Reflecting on the place you met, where you had your first kiss, or other places that you've loved throughout your relationship is a great way to take a walk down memory lane. Spending a weekend on the lake you grew to love during your summer nights together is an easy way to keep the spark alive. You are with your loved one for a reason, and reflecting on the fun you've had together is a romantic way to remember what makes your relationship unique. 

            6. Go tech-free

              Sometimes it can be difficult to connect with your partner with all of the notifications and distractions from phones, computers, tablets and techy watches. Take time to unplug with her and spend quality time together. 

              You can make it extra special by turning out all of the lights in your house, light some candles, and share a meal together.

              7. Plan a day trip or a weekend getaway!

                Trips don't need to be extravagant to be romantic. You can easily take a day trip to somewhere new, or even a trip to the next town over to spend some quality time together. You both can get lost together on your couple's adventure. 

                8. Dress up with nowhere to go

                  Especially during the past year, life as we knew it came to a complete standstill. Vacations were canceled, events were postponed and so much more. But that isn't enough of a reason for you and your partner to not dress up to spice up your daily life. Add a little extra fun by creating scenarios and taking turns picking each other outfits.

                  9. Dancing date night away

                    Whether you’re out in town or in the comfort of your own living room, take a page out of old movies and romance novels, and break out in a slow dance. Turn on your wedding song or the first song you ever danced to, and it will bring up a flood of memories. 

                    10. A custom, made-for-them gift

                      Saving the best for last, the quickest way to spice up your romance is by showing your partner that you really know her. Adding your personal touch and creating something special just for her will add an extra layer of meaning to your gift.

                      The best way to do that is with a custom gift, like the ones from My Custom Heart. Build a gift tailored to your significant other. Gift her timeless pieces like a custom heart necklace, 24K gold-dipped flowers and much more. 

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