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7 Perfect Date Night Ideas

Whether you’re a seasoned date nighter or not, there are many benefits to sharing a special night with your significant other, just the both of you. Newbies may be looking for some suggestions for how to spend their first date night, or maybe you’re experienced and are looking for your next great idea to make it special.

A date night should put focus on the connection and the time spent together rather than extravagant expense (though, of course, that’s always possible). Date nights are prime opportunities to reconnect, learn more about each other, keep your relationship healthy, and also the perfect excuse for a special occasion.

Here are seven ideas to make your perfect date night.


1. Indulge in a Big Night Out

For many busy couples, and especially those who have other responsibilities like children, a night out alone together may be something of the past. Making time for a special and an indulgent night on the town can be a much-needed treat for the both of you and can be extra special if you usually never push the boat out. You can make it more formal by dressing up and spending more so that it feels more of an extravagance.

2. Exchange Gifts

If you want an intimate date night at home, exchanging a gift is a great way to reconnect and do something special. You could both plan for surprise gifts that you can open and share together during your date night. At My Custom Heart, you can easily create the perfect date night gifts for your significant other.

3. Write Down Ideas and Pick Them Out

You don’t want your date night to be a stressful experience trying to think of something to do. Writing down many different date night ideas on slips of paper can be fun, and it can be exciting to pick a surprise one out of a box or a hat. You can then rest easy knowing you have lots of fun ideas ready for the next one, and this way, you get to do things both you and your partner want to do.

4. Simply Spend the Time in Bed

Date nights are about reconnecting as a couple, so if the focus for you is in the physical department because of busy schedules or perhaps never having the opportunity to go to bed at the same time, then date nights are the perfect excuse to lock the door and catch up on what you’re missing with intimacy.

5. Enjoy a Meal in the Garden

If you have the luxury of outside space, why not set up a picnic area on the grass under the stars? Or simply have a more extravagant homecooked meal while enjoying the sunset.


6. Talk

When was the last time you completely switched off technology and simply talked? Eliminate all distractions and have a deep conversation. Ask some questions you’ve never asked before and learn more about your partner.

7. Try a Dance Class

This idea combines fitness, an exciting new experience, and the opportunity to bond. A dance class is not only fun, but it can help you connect with your partner in a different way. You may want to try an upbeat dance like salsa or something more romantic like the tango. Whatever you like, put on your dancing shoes!