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Things to Do with Your Holidate

The holiday season is the perfect time of the year to celebrate love and togetherness with people who are close to you. Family and friends gather around dinner tables, eating good food and telling stories about the past year. If you’re wondering about the perfect activities to do with your significant other while basking in the glow of Christmas lights and Thanksgiving turkeys, we have you covered.

The holidays are also the season of office parties. While it can be intimidating to introduce your partner to your coworkers at the office holiday party, most American adults report a positive experience after introducing their partners to their offline friends. So, when you start seeing wreaths, garlands, and twinkling birches on your office park lawn, it’s time to ask your partner for some quality time.

Our dating connoisseurs at My Custom Heart have just the right mix of cheesy, fun, and one-of-a-kind adventures to create perfect memories that you and your significant other can savor until the next holiday season. Read on to find a holiday date idea to suit every happy couple.


Holiday Date Ideas that will Work for Your First or 100th Date

For most long-time couples, dating falls into a comfortable cadence of exploring outside their comfort zones and then falling back in until they decide to venture out again. If this is your first date, don’t worry, our dating ideas are foolproof for your first or 100th date.


Take Your Partner to a Museum

According to a survey by World First Insurance, 32% of couples enjoy going out to a museum during holiday seasons. The Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s holidays give people plenty of vacation time to take trips to the cultural epicenters of the world. If you live in New York, don’t be surprised to see people lining up outside the Museum of Modern Art or the American Museum of Natural History.

Traveling outside your state or the U.S. will make your holiday season one to remember with your partner. You can visit museums in cultural hotspots such as Berlin, Rome, Tokyo, and Paris. There is no experience more rewarding for couples than opening their minds together as they experience new cultures, people, and places hand-in-hand.


Take a Trip to Historic Sites

We might be cheating here because museums are technically historical sites themselves. However, seeing the most famous architectural feats of well-known engineers, ancient civilizations, and artists from around the world will create memories that both of you will never forget. It’s also a golden opportunity to heighten your appreciation for the times we live in today, no matter how turbulent things may seem.


Enjoy an Old-Fashioned Movie Night on Christmas

Some of the most successful movies of our time came out around Christmastime. Studios know that the holiday season is a time when families can gather and spend a few hours in front of a theater screen without worrying about work deadlines and overdue homework from school. Classics like “Die Hard” were released around the holiday season and often show up on people’s lists of favorite holiday movies.

In the post-pandemic era, we understand that not everyone is comfortable venturing outdoors. However, curling up in front of a fire with your favorite book can only offer so much entertainment value. If you’re looking for something more engaging, here are a few holiday movies that you and your partner will surely enjoy:

  • ;Serendipity,” a 2001 rom-com with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale
  • Love Actually,” an award-winning 2003 comedy with an ensemble cast that includes Mr. Bean
  • Home Alone,” the best-selling holiday-themed movie of all-time
  • It’s a Wonderful Life,” a Christmas movie the American Film Institute recognizes as one of the best films of all-time
  • The Holiday,” a 2006 rom-com with Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, and Jack Black


Take Your Holiday Date to the Ice-Skating Rink

Ice skating remains one of the most popular items on the bucket lists of many couples across America. What’s more, outdoor ice rinks are a safe option even with pandemic restrictions. Ice skating is an easy workout and an excellent way to shake off the holiday chills from your leg, waist, and back muscles during the winter months.

The cold and dreary winter weather can cause people to stay indoors and brood. Ice skating is a fun and cost-effective way for couples to soak up some vitamin D, get some fresh air, increase their heart rates, and tone their leg muscles.

If you already know how to ice skate, the holiday season is a perfect opportunity to teach your partner the basics and maybe show off a little if you know a few tricks. If you’re a newbie, it’s a great opportunity to link arms with your date as you make your way across the ice.


Get Playful with a Snowball Fight

Snow can be a nuisance, but it can also be a chance to let out your inner child and connect with your partner in a playful way. There’s nothing like a snowball fight to bring out your competitive side. And just like ice skating, doing something active is a great way to bond with your date.

If a snowball fight doesn’t sound like your thing, you could make a snowman instead or just take a walk in the snow. Afterward, you and your date can relax inside with a warm cup of hot cider or cocoa. There will be plenty of opportunities to cuddle up together and get cozy.


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